Stitching Up

“An’ dere I was, wit’ a bunch of bunnies an’ hares, not knowin’ what ta do wit’ em. An’ ya wanna know what I did?” The scarred Troll looked at the Orcish soldiers in front of him, and they just shrugged.

“Well, we Trolls have an’ old sayin’: if life gives ya bunnies, make stew out of ’em! And dat what I did. Was da best stew I had in’ ages!” The Orcs laughed, but turned silent when a tall and heavily armoured Blood Elf entered the improvised tent. The Blood Elf was accompanied by two bodyguards. Both were of High Elf origin, yet their eyes had a green glow, coming from their addiction to all things arcane. Their leader looked at this assembly with a cold glare. The Troll just smirked, and walked towards him.

“Ahh, Commander Dawncaller. What can we do fer ya?” he asked, saluting.

“I thought that you already prepared your soldiers for our assault on the Wintergrasp Fortress, Akinya. Yet they are still not armed, or donned in their armours.” Commander Dawncaller looked at the Orcs, and most of them looked away. They heard of the harsh treatment the Blood Elf gave his subordinates, and were not willing to feel his wrath. The cold of Northrend had already taken hold in his heart.

“Ya be just lookin’ wit ya eyes, Commander. I donned these soldiers in da armour of confidence, and gave ’em a blade sharper than anythin’ in da world: conviction.” A young Orc laughed silently, and even Dawncaller’s bodyguards had to smirk. The Commander, however, was not amused. He glared in anger into the old eyes of the Troll, and lifted his eyebrows.

“Tell your troopers to prepare for the assault. Afterwards, come to my tent. I have a special mission for you, shaman…” Dawncaller left the tent, followed by his two servants. Once the Blood Elves had left, Akinya turned towards his subordinates.

“Get into ya plate, and grab yer’ axes. But when ya meet da Alliance on da battlefield, oppose ’em with our strongest weapons: strength and honour!” The Orcs raised their hands, and let out a fearsome battle-cry.

Akinya entered the tent of the Commander, who looked down on a map of Wintergrasp. Slowly, he was moving around wooden pieces, representing his troops and units. Dawncaller seemed to be fascinated by the strategies he tried, but got drawn out of his trance by a Tauren sitting behind him on a few furs. Akinya looked over to the Tauren, and recognized him: Horoan Blackhoof, but for most he was simply “Ro”. Ro was dressed in light mail armour, his shoulders adorned with the heads of two majestic bears. His dark eyes pierced through Akinya, but were suddenly filled with joy.

“Akinya! My trusty, old shaman! When was the last time we saw each other?” the Tauren asked, walking towards his old friend to embrace him.

“I think it was in da Howlin’ Fjord, when I saved ya from a band o’ bloodthirsty Vrykul.”

“You didn’t save me! You just bought me some more time!” Akinya and Ro laughed loud and long, but the Commander and his bodyguard stared at them, surprised by the warmth and friendliness they offered each other.

“As soon as you are done with your nostalgic chattering, could you return your attention to the head of this operation, which happens to be me, Eriel Dawncaller?” Both the Troll and the Tauren cleaned their throats, and saluted quickly. Dawncaller moved around the wooden pieces on the map, and starting his explanation.

“I ordered both of you here because our assault on the Wintergrasp Fortress has an extra dimension to it today, gentlemen. Last week, one of our elite agents infiltrated the Wintergrasp Fortress, to assassinate one of the big players of the Alliance. However, our agent was betrayed by our own men, and the Alliance has locked him up beneath the Fortress, inside an intricate cavern system. We need to extract our agent alive, for he might have vital information about the military action of the Alliance.”

“So, who is da agent? An’ if he so good, why did he fail?” Akinya asked.

“A Knight of the Ebon Blade, named Nason Silverpath. He has often helped us ou…”

“Nason?! Ya don’t say! Ya sent dat nit-wit of a rotten corpse ta infiltrate? All he can do is swingin’ ’round big weapons an’ act all…well, dead!” Both Ro and Dawncaller looked puzzled at Akinya, and the Commander raised his right eyebrow.

“It seems like you know all my soldiers personally, Troll. Maybe you invite them too often to your ‘shamanistic vision parties’, right?”

“Nahh, I meet most of ’em in da sick bay, an’ chattin’ wit’ ’em while stitchin’ dem up is quite enjoyin’. Believe me, dat Silverpath fellow was often in my ‘patching tent’. He was also part of the group I saved in Icecrown, ya know.” Dawncaller nodded, and moved around two big wooden pieces: one went towards the front entrance of the fort, the other to the western wall.

“The problem is that the only useful entrance to these caverns lies right inside the Fortress. My solution to this problem is the following: we will split up their forces by putting the heat at both the front gate and the western wall. As soon as we have breached one point, you will both slip in, and sneak towards the courtyard. The entrance is hidden in a drainage entrance. Just follow the drainage down, and you will come into the caverns. Be careful there: we don’t have any intelligence on what or who is guarding Silverpath. Any questions, gentlemen?” Ro raised his hand, and Eriel gave him permission to speak.

“Why did you pick us for this mission? I am just a hunter who knows how to track his prey, and Akinya is a field medic, so to speak. We both have military experience, but I do not consider us experts on the field of extraction.” The Commander nodded, and started to walk around.

“You might lack the experience, but both of you show great potential. Akinya has proven his worth last month, as he saved a group of our elite soldiers from an aerial assault in Icecrown. And you, Horoan Blackhoof, always find your prey. As soon as find Nason Silverpath, Akinya can stitch him up quickly, while you find a way out. With a healthy Knight of the Ebon Blade on your side, you will also have additional firepower. Any more questions?” Ro and Akinya turned silent, and Eriel Dawncaller saw this as a sign to dismiss them. They left his tent, preparing for this dangerous task…


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