Two decades

Yeah, in less than a month I’ll turn 20! Two decades of existance in this form behind my…big back, and what have I achieved in all this time? Ehm…well, not much. But that is not the point.

The point is: birthdays equal gifts. Now I know I won’t get much this year due to financing my driver’s license, but a man should have wishes, right? Also, I like to share my thoughts with the world, so here for all of you to see: my birthday wishlist! In this post, I start off with movies in the form of DVD’s I would love to see on February 19.

Category 1: Movies

In an age where every kid downloads his movies from file-sharing networks, I love the feeling of knowing that I have a few original DVD’s on my shelf. That’s why I like to take advantage of discount actions at multimedia shops, but even then the little discs demand cash (or the person behind the counter). Thus, I’m glad when people give me DVD’s for my birthday. Behold my top 3:

300 (2-Disc Special Edition)



We are all familiar with the term “chick-flick”: a movie obviously directed at the female market, containing love, friendship and a happy ending. Also, such movies are known for having some really pretty males in the main roles.

If we examine “300” closely, it contains many elements of a chick-flick: there is the love between Leonidas at his wife, the friendship to the grave between the sons of Sparta, and even a sort of happy ending. It would be the ideal movie to watch with your girlfriend…if it wasn’t for the bloody battles between the red-caped Spartans and the barbaric invaders of the Persian Empire! Gosh, God bless this movie for being a real “guy-flick”: spears impaling screaming soldiers, swords that cut off heads with a single stroke, and a king that knew how to protect his Polis. “300” is a movie that is so full of raw and primitive action, you actually feel how you turn into a blood-craving child of Sparta yourself while watching this movie.

My girlfriend might not enjoy watching this movie, but I would love to see this, especially as the 2-Disc Special Edition, as a present. And then I’ll just force her to watch it with me, she can still drool at the muscled bodies of the 300 Spartans, while I enjoy the bloody and messy combat. FOR SPARTA!

The Dark Knight (again, 2-Disc Special Edition)

“Good evening…commisioner”. Those words from the early trailer of “The Dark Knight” made my skin crawl, and my heart bump. Rumors had it that the bad guy in the new Batman movie would be the Joker, played by Heath Ledger (known for his interesting role in the gay cowboy movie “Brokeback Mountain”). Heath Ledger as…the Joker? Somehow, I couldn’t believe it. Until I saw this in the trailer…

Why so serious?

"Why so serious?"

The trailer ended, and my heart was racing from enthusiasm. I COULD NOT FREAKING WAIT!

And then it hit the cinemas, and I went out to town to watch this movie. And did the producers, script-writers and actors let me down? Oh no, they certainly didn’t! Every part of the crew contributed to this masterpiece in the history of movies. However, the guy who stole the show was certainly Heath Ledger as the psycho / sociopath criminal “Joker”. I think that no one ever potrayed such a disturbed, sick person better and more creepy than this little actor from New York. Rest in peace, master of acting…or was it even acting? Evil tongues say that Heath WAS mentally ill during the making of this movie. Well, he certainly knows how to potray madness, like he had first-hand experience…

Nevertheless, this DVD (preferably Special Edition) would look fine on my shelf. I just want to hear that quote again….WHY SO SERIOUS?!



Harry Potter: Years 1-5

Oh yes I admit it: I like Harry Potter! The books are fine (up to “Half-Blood Prince”), and the movies are damn fine, if not just for the sake of Emma Watson, who is turning into quite a beautiful and talented actress. Still, I don’t own a single copy of these movies, but I found out that some shops have a collection of the first five “years”: The Philosopher’s Stone, The Chamber of Secrets, The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Goblet of Fire and The Order of the Phoenix. Also, I love DVD collections: fat boxes somehow look cool to me.

Still, the package is not too cheap, so I’m not really expecting this. But one day, I have my Potter DVD’s and run around the house, swinging a wooden twig and yelling: “EXPECTO PATRONUM!” Hopefully, footage of such an event will not end up on YouTube…




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