Two decades #2

Sooo, here we go with part two of my birthday wishlist, and this time it is….

Category 2: Books

I like to read. A lot. Books are something I enjoy before falling asleep at night, and if they’re about something good, they even steal precious minutes of my beauty sleep. Not that I need that so badly, seen my almost abnormally divine body…[statement followed by a hacking cough]. So, what books would really make my day when I found them on my desk / in my mail / on the breakfast table on February 19? These:

Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee

He knows how to pose...

A few months a go I got into Progressive Fighting System, a very modern fighting system based on efficient and reliable maneuvres in close-combat situations. It is a really interesting “sport”, and my trainer is a very passionate instructor. However, a big chunk of PFS relies on the creation of the very well-known Bruce Lee: Jeet Kune Do. The Way of the Intercepting Fist (that’s what Jeet Kune Do means) was the first fighting style to break with classical oriental tradition, and create a set of moves that are efficient and reliable in realistic situations. Also, Jeet Kune Do teaches its practictioners a certain state of mind, which helps them to stay cool during combat.

“Tao of Jeet Kune Do” is Bruce Lee’s attempt to write down his ideas, and clarify them with clean pictures. Even though Lee knows how to sound wise and intelligent, some of his explanations seem a bit weird and not to-the-point, which makes some part of this book hard to read. Still, I want to broaden my knowledge of Martial Arts in a theoretic way, and I think this book is a good start. Give, please!

Poker for Dummies by Richard D. Harroch and Lou Krieger

Hey, thats not Texas Hold Em!

Hey, that's not Texas Hold 'Em!

I’m not good in everything I do. Okay, I’m not good in many things, and poker is one of them. Somehow, everytime I sit down and play, people can read my like a Word document with font size 48 projected to the wall right in front of them. I’m just the worst bluffer in history, and also fail when it comes to the most basic tactics of Texas Hold ‘Em. I tried to read some of the poker literature my brother owns (for example, “Harrington on Hold ‘Em”), but these guys lose me after the first two lines.

Well, then it is a “for Dummies”-book to the rescue! I like the “for Dummies”-series: there is a book for each possible topic in that line, and every single day, someone writes a new book for it. Also, those I skimmed through explained everything in laymen’s terms, and so I guess that a “Poker for Dummies” is able to teach me the raw basics of good Poker. I don’t think I can rip the Euros out of my brother’s wallet after it, but I will at least look beter at the table. So if you want to help me save money, spend yours and get me this!

Das Kapital by Karl Marx

Its the beard, dude. Chicks go wild, I tell ya!

It's the beard, dude. Chicks go wild, I tell ya!

No, I’m not a born communist, or even a die-hard socialist if it comes to political orientation. But I’m a man who is interested in the history of politics, and this little red book is history banished into letters, words and sentences. Marx created the fundament for a new political movement, and his ideas influence politicians even now. Even though I will look like a Commy with this in my bookshelf, I would love to read it. And no, I won’t grow a beard like Marx…or will I?

So far about my wishes from the bibliophile’s corner. Come back later to check what I would love to get for my birthday when it comes to video games, as far as you’re interested!




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