The usual suspects

Most of you who watch the daily news heard about the gun rampage in Winnenden, Germany. Tim K. brought murder, blood and despair to his former high school, and took 15 innocent persons with him into death. A terrible incident that did not only shock family members and friends of the victims, but also the world.

Just a few hours after the incident, “experts” like police profilers, psychologists and pedagogues claimed to have figured out the motive of the killer. It didn’t surprise me that the usual motivations were named: depression, fear of the world, and a general dislike of the human race. But the more interesting question was, once again: what inspired Tim K?

Of course, our experts had the answers: his love for soft-air weapons, his membership in a gun club, and let us not forget the video games found on his computer’s harddrive. Enough proof for psychologists and politicians alike that Tim K. was a ticking time bomb, just waiting to blow. And again, we hear propaganda talk, trying to make us believe that banning certain pastimes is the way to prevent such tragic events.

Bullshit, ladies and gentlemen. B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T.

You won’t fix anything by regulating the soft-air weapons market, changing the laws for gun clubs or banning video gaming from this plane of existence. The only things you’ll take away then is the means of expressing frustration or anger, and by doing so, closing the only “civilized” valve these kids have to blow off some steam.

No, dear politicians, dear psychologists. To solve a problem, you must grasp it by the root. And the roots of this terrible evil lie in broken dreams and shattered hope. They lie in the fear of what’s to come, and having no sense of “orientation”. Many people find themselves alone in a world filled with so many dangers, and so much trouble. And when you have know one to rely on, no one who can carry your weight for just a few miles, you flee into the only refuge left: insanity.

Tim K. might have been such a boy. The press tells us he was a quiet kid, living in a wealthy family. He seemed to have friends, or at least contacts, in local sports clubs, and loved the time he spent in the gun club. But no one seemed to understand the meaning of the phrase “silent waters run deep”. Tim K. might have been one of those people who was, in the end, alone in this world. And we have seen how that went.

I hereby express my personal condolences towards the family and friends of not just Tim K., but also towards the relatives and friends of the victims of his terrible rampage. We can only hope that humans, after all, can learn from their mistakes.

Signed with respect,

Markus Schmidt a.k.a. Akinya


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