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Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions

Yeah, cool guys really don’t. Even when they’re Mark Wahlberg.

It’s Friday night in my country, and I got nothing better to do than posting an update for my blog. I mean, that is something special, considering the great irregularity in which I keep you up to date about my nerdy hobbies and my internal workings. So what happened in the last days?

I was quite busy on my World of Warcraft character, farming and buying Runecloth to boost my reputation with the Darkspear Trolls, and now I can call myself proudly “Akinya of Sen’jin”! The title was long overdue and is anything but special, but I’m still proud of it. Next project: Argent Champion. I’m not looking forward to all the Scholo / Strat runs…*sigh*

In other news, I’m getting more and more impatient during my wait for Champions Online. Cryptic is teasing me and all the other sad people who didn’t win a beta key in one of the many free-give aways with more and more “candy”, like previews of different Power Sets, interviews about Nemesis and Omega system, and other very diabolic tools purely designed to increase the already cosmic hype about this digital entertainment creation. Stop doing that, Cryptic, or I’m sending you the bill of my psychological treatment.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in MMO-country, BioWare is starting to turn on the marketing machine for Star Wars: The Old Republic. With appearances on the PAX and the Gamescom (where I also will be, yay!), BioWare is hoping to increase attention for its newest product in the Old Republic timeline of Star Wars. Someone should phone their CEO and tell him that every sentient MMO-fan is already watching this product more carefully than his own child. Still, BioWare announced gameplay demo’s and the earlier named conventions, and I hope that there will be enough pods at the Gamescom, so I don’t have to stand in line behind some fat, stinking Star Wars freak who keeps reciting quotes from some secret DVD bonus content, just to impress all the other nerds in a ten yard radius, hoping a girl who digs his fetish will hear it and lay down with him beside their Midichlorian-powered fire, while I have to endure this all waiting for my turn to rip people apart with a lightsaber. If there’s a God, such a scenario will not happen.

Furthermore, my brother got bored of pew-pewing people as a vacuum-cleaner-gun-wearing bovine hero, and decided to pimp our Wii collection with Wii Sports Resorts and some new Wii MotionPlus stuff. I promise a review of the game at the end of this weekend, but from the short moments I’ve spent with it, I can tell you that bashing people with a foam sword was never so funny as in Sports Resorts.

And lastly, I’ve completed week 2 of the – program. Coming Sunday, I will do my first exhaustion test to see how far my tiny biceps has increased in kinetic force, and on what level the program will continue for me. Excitement abound, and you will read all about it here!

Well, that’s it for the Friday update. Make sure to come back next Sunday for the next update, and I wish you all a great weekend. Be careful on the alcohol!




Alright, I just returned from Cologne, and I’m dead tired. But you know what? Today was one unbelievable awesome day, and I’m not going to describe it in plain, simple words. No, you better get ready for my Role Play Convention 2009 Report…with pictures!

After a LAN-party at Fridaynight, I got up at 6:30 in de morning after a measly 4 hours of sleep. Oh well, the shower did me good, and after my 20 minute bus drive to Aachen Central Station, this magical elixir definitly hit the right note:



Yes, coffee! Or, to be more accurate: cappucino. A big mug of this divine sensation of the senses got me ready for a the train ride, which was not really noteworthy. As a true nerd I used to time I sat in the train to read up on my European Science stuff, but I got tired of reading about the financial crisis and old farts pretty quick, so you can understand that I was more than happy when the conducter announced that we had arrived at the Cologne Trade Fair (generally known as the “Koelnmesse”). As I got out the train, I checked my route planner for the next step of the journey. My paper fellow told me to search for “Strassenbahn 4”, which I did. But while I was looking for the tram, I noticed signs pointing out a footway towards the Koelnmesse. I said to myself: “What the heck, you have to healthy feet! How far can it be when the tram needs 2 minutes for it?”

Well, turns out that I was smarter than the route planner from the internet. Using the tram to get to the trade fair would have been nothing but a detour! And thus, I arrived about five minutes sooner than planned (what a difference), bought my ticket (which seemed to include about a dozen of common Magic: the Gathering cards…thanks organizers for adding more cardboard to my life), and entered the convention. I was supposed to meet up with Tommy and Natalia at the “Risen”-stand, but in the first minute of my attendance I was just OVERWHELMED by the sheer amount of people, colorful banners, costumes and goodies available! Dazzled by this cognitive overload, I almost walked straight past my two companions, but Tommy made sure to catch my attention (believe me, he has some suitable “attention phrases”).


Our tour around the RPC started with an inspection of the LARP supplies shops around the main hall. Tommy and I are closet LARP’ers, but in this case I mean to say “too broke and lazy to start it” with the word “closet”. Still, we share a certain fascination for latex weaponry (addendum: every guy on this planet loves to hit someone with something. It’s fact), so the boothes supplied us with ample opportunity to see interesting designs and notice a certain difference in quality. But also, we noticed a difference in service. A little stand of a Danish LARP gear supplier (why did I forget their name) surprised us with a sign at the stand, saying: “Touch everything, and try it out…they don’t break easily”. Well, you don’t have to say that twice! Tommy and I got ourselves a fine blade, and went at it. After about five minutes of…ahum, finely aimed strikes and skillful handling of the sword, Tommy and I called it a draw, and decided to go at it again at the next best occassion. So, if you see me slinging around rubber swords in my living room, don’t ask. I’m just doing the Rocky Balboa training thing, but just more freaky. And with more sweat.

Our trip around the Role Play Convention got us to some very interesting stands, and we took our time to check out the boothes of industry giants like EA (boasting their MMO-RTS-TCG experience “BattleForge”), Upper Deck and more. Strange enough, I wasn’t THAT impressed by their appearances, as their stands just looked tóó sterile and controlled. Add to that the fact that the EA stand boothbabes (who were some very nice pieces of booty) seemed to be afraid of cameras, so I did not catch a single picture of them. A shame, as they seemed to be the only really hot booth babes around (trust me, girls with HUGE thighs in short skirts can almost ruin the last remnants of your already crippled eye sight).


The halls were just filled with pure awesomeness, and a wide variation of publishers, companies, clubs and more. Of course, all of them were somehow related to fantasy, sci-fi and / or role-playing, but most of them added to the very warm and friendly atmosphere. Well, that “warm” feeling might be an after effect of the twelve different kinds of mead I tasted. Come to think of it, I forgot to get me a bottle of that cinnamon-flavored mead…damn!

Around 14:30, we made our way to the “Lese-Ecke” (Reading Corner), where one of the grand-masters of fantasy held a reading / Q&A session / autograph session: Andrzej Sapkowski, author of the books on which the PC-RPG smash hit “The Witcher” is based on. This Polish old gentleman turned out to be a man who was very well aware of his status amongst fantasy literature lovers, and loved to joke about it. Comments about how “truly awesome” he was were just the beginning, swiftly followed by a short story about how he became the “grand author he is now”, finished off with an outlook on his future, seeing himself working together with Steven Spielberg to make a DECENT Witcher-movie. The sarcasm was literally dripping from his statements, and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy the sit.

We concluded our visit by trying out a boardgame at one of the free gaming tables. We chose “Dust” (I can literally feel the CS-jokes coming up), a tactical boardgame set in an alternate future, where World War 2 never really ended, and the whole world turned into one big battlefield. The game shares some similarities with Risk, but feels kinda cool due to its unique setting and quick-to-learn basic rules. After three rounds though, we noticed that the game could last for a whole night if we wanted to play it by the book, so we changed the winning conditions a bit, and the gentlemen got their asses handed to them by Natalia. That’s what you get when you let a woman lead an army…


Before catching the train home, Tommy, Natalia and I had a little diner at the local McDonalds, made sure to see each other as soon as possible, and went separate ways. While sifting through my collection of flyers, magazines and other goodies collected, I felt anything but let down by this experience. The Role Play Convention was even cooler than I imagined, showing visitors every possible facette of the role-playing subculture. The staff members were nice and helpful, and every visitor added to the totally awesome-o-saurus experience. In case that the organizers decide to stay in Cologne, I’m probably back at the RPC next year.



A gathering of geeks

I’m off to Cologne for…the Role Play Convention (short RPC), Europe’s biggest role-playing games convention. I’m totally excited, because its my first time there, but I already have a checklist of things I have to check out:

  • EA: I heard that BattleForge is a nice attempt at combining RTS with MMO-elements…sounds like a game for me! Also, Dragon Age Origins (from the unbelievable fantastic studio BioWare) looks AND sounds great.
  • Codemasters: I’m not just checking them out to see how Lord of the Rings Online is doing, but also to get a glimpse on Jumpgate: Evolution.
  • The European publisher of Magic: the Gathering will have a stand. Just for nostalgia’s sake, I’ll drop by to see how the mother of my fascination for playing cards is doing.
  • Upper Deck is also in Cologne, presenting both the World of Warcraft TCG and Collectable Miniatures Game. I don’t have a choice, I have been infected with Blizzard-o-phillia for many years now, and the siren calls of Night Elves, Orcs and promises of blood and glory will probably lure me to this stand.
  • Last but not least, several German table-top role-playing games publishers have taken their positions in the Koelnmesse: Pegasus Spiele (the publisher of the German “Call of Cthulhu” and “Shadowrun”), Nackter Stahl (“Arcane Codex”), 13Mann Verlag (brough “Traveller” to Germany again) and the Heidelberger Spieleverlag (their stand might change my mind about “Dark Heresy”. Who knows, I might come home with a copy of the core rulebook…)

Also, the RPC will be my chance to see a bunch of nice people again, and I’m sure this Saturday will be totally awesome-o-saurus. I might collapse of exhaustion at the end of it, but it will be worth it!

Sunday will be all about studying for my European Science test coming Tuesday. Let’s see how that will turn out.

That’s it for today, fellows.  You’ll make sure to come back for my full coverage of the RPC this weekend. Otherwise, I will have to kill kittens. MANY of them.



Ship it! What a TCG player can learn from a poker player

My brother has a really bad influence on me. He loves poker, and has a subscription for two different poker magazines: Bluff Europe and PokerNews, a Dutch poker magazine. Even though I hardly ever play poker, I find myself intrigued by the very elaborated articles and columns about tactics, techniques and the “hard knock life” of a poker player, full of downswings, bad beats and trash talk.

Now, I’m not a poker player, but I do like card games. Especially a certain kind of card games, namely the geeky genre of Trading Card Games, abbreviated as TCG. The number one trademark of a TCG is the way that players customize their deck of cards with their own collection of cardboard rectangles, tweaking them to their own preferred playing style. The mother of all TCG’s, Magic: the Gathering, is still running big after almost 20 years of existence. And you think its something nerds play to face each other on an intellectual battlefield, just for the honor? Think again! The annual price pool of the World Championship of Magic reaches multiple millions of dollars, showering the winners of that tournament in tons of money (which they probably spend to increase the numbers of cards in their collection…)

You might not see the similarities between poker, a classical game for people with extremely straight faces, and Magic, a game more suited for nervous chess-club members who never ever touched a woman. However, many poker players come to the professional circuit by learning the basics of “card game deception” in Magic tournaments. Principles like bluffing and tells are as important to a TCG player as to a pro poker gunslinger, but when I see video coverage of Magic tourneys like the World Championship or even the Pro Tour, I see that many players lack these two basic concepts of deceiving your opponent. So, I hereby tell you of these two elementary concepts.

Act strong when you’re weak, and weak when you’re strong. Or so they say in poker. When you play Texas Hold ‘Em, and you get pocket rockets, you won’t see any pro grin wickedly or show any extreme kind of emotion. Rather, they stay calm, and act like they just got one of the most average hands they could get. The only signs they show are rather subtle, and can only be seen when the opponents knows what to look for. In games like Magic, this principle is easy to apply. When drawing your starting hand, don’t “taunt” your opponent by going batshit crazy when you just drew the sickest combo in your deck. Just look at your cards, think about your first few turns, and see how your opponent tries to guess how good your hand actually is. Especially in amateur-level tournaments (like Friday Night Magic or The Darkmoon Faire in the WoW TCG), this “tool of the trade” is key for victory.

Search for the tells. “Tell” is a term in poker and criminal psychology for the subtle physical signs a player shows his opponents. Touching the corner of your lips with your tongue is a very common tell, and shows that the player is nervous. Large pupils indicate a higher blood pressure, and stroking the chin happens often when a person tries to perceive a situation more intensively. The trick to reading a person by the tells he or she sends, is to know what a tell means. This can only be done by observing the person, and see what tell leads to a certain behaviour. For example, one of my biggest tells is that I stroke my rather well-developed chin when thinking of a possible killer turn. Any player who knows this will know that when I start doing that, I’m thinking of something big. A word of caution here, however: people can fuck with you. If a player knows that you read his tells, he can use these tells to program your actions. For example, if your opponent knows that you know that he is about the play something mean when he scratches his left cheek, he will probably scratch his left cheek in a critical situation, leading you to the belief that he is cooking something up. So watch out for players using reverse psychology on you.

As you can see, these are just basic tips, and as someone who has been playing TCG’s for a while you probably figured these things out. But still, I like to guide newcomers on their way to “prOness”, and proving the world that playing with colorful cards is not just geeky, but also very profitable.



[D&D4] The birth of the party

After rounding up our Werewolf: The Forsaken chronicle set in a Norwegian village in the year 1780, me and my role-playing group decided to try a game that totally doesn’t fit our groups mentality, namely the fourth installment of the mother of all role-playing games: Dungeons & Dragons.

Now I have to say, that I am the one to blame for the style of role-playing games that my group is used to, as I fed them nothing but White Wolf games in the last years. So when I told them that D&D is a rules-heavy, tactical game, where sometimes actually playing a role is second place, their first reaction was “Nay!” But then again, they wanted to play a classical fantasy game, with wizards, dragons and strange, dangerous dungeons. They didn’t have a choice: D&D4 it was!

So, yesterday we had our character generation session, followed by a short…wait a minute! I never introduced you to my players, did I? Well, I guess I should before proceeding!

  • Daniel the Powergamer: Daniel has started role-playing games along at my side, and we both learned much from each other. However, no matter what game he plays, his characters share one trait: they are TERRIBLE good at one thing, but suck at everything else. A shining example is his character from our Vampire: the Requiem game, Nikolai Borislav. This Russian club owner had the skills for one single thing: opening his wallet to bribe people! Nevertheless, he is a good role-player, and a true rules-monkey who likes to “help me out” when I fail to use a rule the right way.
  • Till the Sidekick: Till is the youngest player at the table, but to sum up his style in one word: ever-changing! Usually his characters are the kind that aid out Daniel’s characters, but in our last Vampire chronicle, he shocked us all by making his character turn against his own ally, Nikolai, in the last moment, ruining every single plan of the rich Russian! Since then, Daniel is always on the watch, keeping an eye on Till’s characters. Still, Till likes characters that add something to the party, like something that supports his buddies.
  • Hannah the Actor: Hannah is the living proof that girls know how to role-play! Caring less about statistics and awesome rolls, this lady acts out her characters really well, adding an awesome kind of depth to our games. However, her most memorable character was from our first “Das Schwarze Auge” campaign, whereshe played an Elf Ranger who missed 8 out of 10 shots! Go figure! Since then, my troupe knows that all the talk about “keen elven eyes” is all just one big hoax. Thanks for teaching us that lesson, girl!
  • Eva the Deviant: Eva is our newest addition to the team, playing with us since winter 2007. At first, she felt a bit shy about really going in-character, but by now, we got her fairly “conditioned”. Still, most of her characters are somehow the group’s deviant or freak. However, these personas bring new solutions to the table, and sometimes she’s even the one bringing down a terrible danger.

So there you have them, my Fantastic Four. And once again, they gave birth to a quartet of individuals. Prepare for the Band of Bummers!

Alyssa, Half-Elf Wizard (played by Eva): Alyssa is a 25 years young graduate of the Magical Acadamey, and certainly proud of it. Shortly after her graduation, the headmaster tasked her to travel to Sturmhafen, a big coastal city, in order to fulfill a job she was appointed. It seems that the person who appointed her to this job has personal interest in her, but who actually sponsors this mission remains a mystery.

Alyssa is, by every meaning of the word, spoiled. She wears extremely expensive clothes, cares much about her looks, and just knows she will be the greatest wizard of all times. One of her trademarks is her use of Tenser’s Floating Disk to levitate herself, or her oh-so heavy luggage and make traveling so much easier. Up until now, she has proven her use in combat by slinging Magic Missiles and missing her attack rolls on Scorching Burst. Oh and yeah, she hates dirt. And insects. And vermins. And…

Sema, Halfling Rogue (played by Hannah): Sema has two very bad traits: her mild alcohol addiction and her extreme love for shiny stuff. Both got her in trouble numerous times, but the second knack actually brought her to Alyssa. When trying to steal from a servant of Alyssa’s mysterious sponsor, she got the chance to save her own head by helping the young spellcaster out on her task. Since then, these two work extremely wel together, even using their combined talents for little-time thievery. Hey, you gotta pay the bills somehow, right?

Next to her…well-developed taste for alcohol, Sema is a very useful rogue / thief. Small and agile, she can easily hide in the masses, and enjoys the luxury to sometimes climb on the shoulders of the party’s Dragonborn, just to have a “better vantage point”. I bet this Halfling will, someday, be the inventor of a Dragonborn saddle!

Zarkesh, Dragonborn Fighter (played by Daniel): As the son of a wealthy family of traders, Zarkesh has seen many wonders of the world, even before he became an adventurer. Still, as he came of age, this young Dragonborn decided to venture into the world on his own. Eventually, he met Sema and Alyssa in an unpleasant way, as the rogue tried to steal his magical greataxe. Hearing Alyssa’s plea to forgive the Halfling, as they were on an important mission, Zarkesh decided to join the group, seeing this as a chance to take part in great adventureres.

Zarkesh is a brutish fighter, using his magical greataxe to smash his foes to smithereens. However, he also learned how to haggle, and is an apprentice in the art of body painting known as tattoos. Zarkesh is certainly a likeable fellow, even though he might act a bit wild and savage from time to time.

Ngara, Eladrin Cleric of Corellon (played by Till): Ngara has a vague history, only knowing that his parents gave him to a cloister of monks long ago. Nobody ever told him why they did that, but Ngara grew into a weapon of faith, and soon surpassed the skills of his colleagues. One day, Alyssa, Sema and Zarkesh stayed in the cloister for the night, and told Ngara about their mission. Seeing this as a chance to finally leave the safety of the monastery, he asked his master for permission to travel with these adventurers. His master agreed, and Ngara promised to spread the word of Corellon throughout the land.

This Eladrin is definitly the “good voice” of the party, always choosing the good above the bad. Still, the opportunistic mentality of his companions sometimes frustrates him, though the fighter Zarkesh seems to share some of his ideas of honor and justice. Who knows, one day his fellows might follow the call of the good too?

So, these are the adventurers so far. In my next entry, I’ll tell you about their first steps in the world. For now, enjoy your Sunday afternoon!



Raiding Maastricht

Hey, it has been a while since I posted something here, right? Ahh well, good stuff needs time to get even better, so here I am again!

First of all, to all the happy couples in love around the world: Happy Valentine’s Day! Have fun celebrating a cheesy and extremely commercial kind of holiday, kept alive by the flower and chocolate industry. I know you want to!

Last night was totally awesome! Since some of our fellow WoW-players from Sweden are in Holland right now, we decided to meet with them in Maastricht to have dinner together, and a few pints / drinks afterwards. Of course, we were quite anxious: we never met these people in real life, and only knew what they were like while slaying big zombie dogs and fat poison-injecting abominations. Fortunately, our Swedish companions (and their Dutch driver) turned out to be as funny in real life as they are in the digital cosmos.

First stop was “D’n Ingel” at the Vrijthof in Maastricht, where we had some delicious food (even though a few of us did not finish their plate…bad, bad Firlia!) And again, foreigners were surprised how tiny our glasses of beer are around here, but how “cheap” alcohol is in the Netherlands (it seems to be expensive in Sweden. I guess Scandinavian governments just don’t like their citizens to be drunk). My sister Julia had “Choco Lasagna” after her main dish, and we all hoped to see something really disgusting including chocolate sause, cheese and meat. Unfortunately, it turned out to be just normal chocolate icecream with some whipped cream. What a letdown…

Firlia looking away, Kraune closing his eyes, and Calix just looking like...Calix!

From left to right: Firlia looking away, Kraune closing his eyes, and Calix just looking like...Calix!

After that disappointment, we paid for our food and hit the streets in search of a little bar to have some drinks (we heard Swedish people have a natural alcohol resistance). Our first stop was the Shamrock, but we didn’t know they broadcasted a rugby match that night, so the place was crowded like hell. So, we did a 180°-turn, and moved out. In the end, we ended up in a place right NEXT to D’n Ingel…the irony!

We enjoyed a few pints and some drinks (memo to me: “Frangellico” is quite nice), and discussed some very strange topics (I didn’t know that the Northern Swedish “hate” Southern Swedish until last night. Stuff like that is vital information for every well-educated person!) After having our last round, we asked the nice bartender to take a little group picture. Usually, we do this in WoW after we killed a boss, standing on its corpse. We tried hard to find a suitable corpse, but it seems that Kel’Thuzad isn’t in Maastricht on a Friday night. Well, it still turned out quite cool:

Firlia, Kraune (they do have black-haired people in Scandinavia!), Akinya (right behind the dark-haired healer), Kibina (what a big grin), Yxan (okay, youre grin is even stranger!), Nason (dont look so tired, dude), Calix (hope you survived the 3-hour drive back to Rotterdam) and Hroan

From left to right: Firlia, Kraune (they do have black-haired people in Scandinavia!), Akinya (right behind the dark-haired healer), Kibina (what a big grin), Yxan (okay, you're grin is even stranger!), Nason (don't look so tired, dude), Calix (hope you survived the 3-hour drive back to Rotterdam) and Hroan

To sum it up, we all had a fantastic night, and I hope our guests enjoyed it as much as we did! I hope it was not the last time we had some real-life fun together. Yxan, enjoy your semester in Rotterdam, and you other Swedish guys, enjoy the rest of your stay here. Oh, and Calix: next time you drive us all up to Sweden 😉



P.S.: Everyone who has some other pictures of the night, please contact me on WoW / MSN / whatever. I would love to have them all!

Two decades #2

Sooo, here we go with part two of my birthday wishlist, and this time it is….

Category 2: Books

I like to read. A lot. Books are something I enjoy before falling asleep at night, and if they’re about something good, they even steal precious minutes of my beauty sleep. Not that I need that so badly, seen my almost abnormally divine body…[statement followed by a hacking cough]. So, what books would really make my day when I found them on my desk / in my mail / on the breakfast table on February 19? These:

Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee

He knows how to pose...

A few months a go I got into Progressive Fighting System, a very modern fighting system based on efficient and reliable maneuvres in close-combat situations. It is a really interesting “sport”, and my trainer is a very passionate instructor. However, a big chunk of PFS relies on the creation of the very well-known Bruce Lee: Jeet Kune Do. The Way of the Intercepting Fist (that’s what Jeet Kune Do means) was the first fighting style to break with classical oriental tradition, and create a set of moves that are efficient and reliable in realistic situations. Also, Jeet Kune Do teaches its practictioners a certain state of mind, which helps them to stay cool during combat.

“Tao of Jeet Kune Do” is Bruce Lee’s attempt to write down his ideas, and clarify them with clean pictures. Even though Lee knows how to sound wise and intelligent, some of his explanations seem a bit weird and not to-the-point, which makes some part of this book hard to read. Still, I want to broaden my knowledge of Martial Arts in a theoretic way, and I think this book is a good start. Give, please!

Poker for Dummies by Richard D. Harroch and Lou Krieger

Hey, thats not Texas Hold Em!

Hey, that's not Texas Hold 'Em!

I’m not good in everything I do. Okay, I’m not good in many things, and poker is one of them. Somehow, everytime I sit down and play, people can read my like a Word document with font size 48 projected to the wall right in front of them. I’m just the worst bluffer in history, and also fail when it comes to the most basic tactics of Texas Hold ‘Em. I tried to read some of the poker literature my brother owns (for example, “Harrington on Hold ‘Em”), but these guys lose me after the first two lines.

Well, then it is a “for Dummies”-book to the rescue! I like the “for Dummies”-series: there is a book for each possible topic in that line, and every single day, someone writes a new book for it. Also, those I skimmed through explained everything in laymen’s terms, and so I guess that a “Poker for Dummies” is able to teach me the raw basics of good Poker. I don’t think I can rip the Euros out of my brother’s wallet after it, but I will at least look beter at the table. So if you want to help me save money, spend yours and get me this!

Das Kapital by Karl Marx

Its the beard, dude. Chicks go wild, I tell ya!

It's the beard, dude. Chicks go wild, I tell ya!

No, I’m not a born communist, or even a die-hard socialist if it comes to political orientation. But I’m a man who is interested in the history of politics, and this little red book is history banished into letters, words and sentences. Marx created the fundament for a new political movement, and his ideas influence politicians even now. Even though I will look like a Commy with this in my bookshelf, I would love to read it. And no, I won’t grow a beard like Marx…or will I?

So far about my wishes from the bibliophile’s corner. Come back later to check what I would love to get for my birthday when it comes to video games, as far as you’re interested!