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Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions

Yeah, cool guys really don’t. Even when they’re Mark Wahlberg.

It’s Friday night in my country, and I got nothing better to do than posting an update for my blog. I mean, that is something special, considering the great irregularity in which I keep you up to date about my nerdy hobbies and my internal workings. So what happened in the last days?

I was quite busy on my World of Warcraft character, farming and buying Runecloth to boost my reputation with the Darkspear Trolls, and now I can call myself proudly “Akinya of Sen’jin”! The title was long overdue and is anything but special, but I’m still proud of it. Next project: Argent Champion. I’m not looking forward to all the Scholo / Strat runs…*sigh*

In other news, I’m getting more and more impatient during my wait for Champions Online. Cryptic is teasing me and all the other sad people who didn’t win a beta key in one of the many free-give aways with more and more “candy”, like previews of different Power Sets, interviews about Nemesis and Omega system, and other very diabolic tools purely designed to increase the already cosmic hype about this digital entertainment creation. Stop doing that, Cryptic, or I’m sending you the bill of my psychological treatment.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in MMO-country, BioWare is starting to turn on the marketing machine for Star Wars: The Old Republic. With appearances on the PAX and the Gamescom (where I also will be, yay!), BioWare is hoping to increase attention for its newest product in the Old Republic timeline of Star Wars. Someone should phone their CEO and tell him that every sentient MMO-fan is already watching this product more carefully than his own child. Still, BioWare announced gameplay demo’s and the earlier named conventions, and I hope that there will be enough pods at the Gamescom, so I don’t have to stand in line behind some fat, stinking Star Wars freak who keeps reciting quotes from some secret DVD bonus content, just to impress all the other nerds in a ten yard radius, hoping a girl who digs his fetish will hear it and lay down with him beside their Midichlorian-powered fire, while I have to endure this all waiting for my turn to rip people apart with a lightsaber. If there’s a God, such a scenario will not happen.

Furthermore, my brother got bored of pew-pewing people as a vacuum-cleaner-gun-wearing bovine hero, and decided to pimp our Wii collection with Wii Sports Resorts and some new Wii MotionPlus stuff. I promise a review of the game at the end of this weekend, but from the short moments I’ve spent with it, I can tell you that bashing people with a foam sword was never so funny as in Sports Resorts.

And lastly, I’ve completed week 2 of the – program. Coming Sunday, I will do my first exhaustion test to see how far my tiny biceps has increased in kinetic force, and on what level the program will continue for me. Excitement abound, and you will read all about it here!

Well, that’s it for the Friday update. Make sure to come back next Sunday for the next update, and I wish you all a great weekend. Be careful on the alcohol!



La Familia – How gaming with the family works

My guildies know it: not just I, but my brother and my sister are devoted WoW-gamers as well. Even though I am the one who brought this plague into our household, I am not the one who hooked them up, at least not intentional.

Still, people ask me: “Isn’t it annoying to game alongside people who you have around twenty-four-seven?” My answer is: “Nope, it is just very handy!” Why? Well, let me illustrate with an example.

November 13, 2008: Wrath of the Lich King hit the stores! However, my brother Phil had to work, and I had to be at the university. So, the two of us couldn’t pick up our little blue boxes in the morning, install them and have a game of exploring Northrend. Normally one of us would have to pick up the copies in the afternoon then, and install them. This would cost us precious leveling time however, and put us at the end of waiting queues for quest mobs.

Our solution: our dear little sister Julia a.k.a. Kibina. Julia is an almost 18-year old girl who has grown up with video games from the start. She witnessed how my brother and me killed Jafar in the SNES-version of “Aladdin”. She shared our frustration at several boss encounters in “Final Fantasy VII”, and had her first console shooter experience in “Halo”. Sometimes, I blame myself for ruining her life, and injecting her with the virus we all call “video gaming”. On the other hand, I see how much she can enjoy a good video game, and as long as she’s happy, everything’s fine, right?

Well, back to my example. Julia had a day off on that fateful day, and “volunteered” to get up early, hit the local toy shop, get our three copies of The Rage of the Rich King, and now comes the best part: she installed and patched it on ALL THREE computers. Also, she upgraded all three accounts to Wrath of the Lich King! So when I got back home, I found my laptop showing the log-in screen, and my sister telling me everything was ready for my trip to Northrend. Sarcastically, I replied: “What?! Akinya ain’t eighty yet!? You failed me again, Execu-eh, Julia!” Of course, she ignored it, and continued her rampage across the Howling Fjord.

This is just one example of how advantageous it can be to have your brother and sister gaming with you. Also, the three of us can form a stable basis for a Heroic Dungeon troupe: two damage-dealers and a healer. Yes, it would be better if we had an “in-house” tank, but that was not the way Destiny wanted it. But believe me, it is a good feeling to assemble 60% of a group in mere seconds.

But you know what the coolest thing is about this? The trash talk! You won’t believe the amount of hilarious things that come up when sitting next to each other. Real-life topics get dragged into WoW content, and WoW content gets dragged into real-life topics. We start discussing tactics for our fight against Rivendare’s Pony Club, and end somewhere talking about the boobs of Alliance races. No wipe is bad enough to kill our sarcastic statements and freaky topics.

When the day comes that we all move out of our parent’s house, I guess that somehow, gaming will become different to me. I mean, not just WoW, but all kinds of gaming. I think I will miss to have someone to challenge to Guitar Hero, to tell me how bad I suck at Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, to clean the floor with in Tekken, and to experience Guild First Kills in WoW. Luckily, that day hasn’t come yet, and my brother can still disturb my peaceful TV-watching with the legendary line: “Yo fatty, wanna go HC?!”

And hopefully, that line will repeat itself another thousand times…